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Fat Tuesday in Guatemala

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Carnaval is truly a party. From early hours on Tuesday morning I could hear loud speakers from several directions playing music. Vey, my hostess, told me that she has the "pleasure" of having four schools within on block. On a day like today then you've got competing schools vying to make the most noise.


I spent most of the day getting ready for a board meeting and missed much of the festivities, but I found out that it's probably more partying than I would be interested in. The best part of Carnaval are the eggs. The inside is filled with confetti. As we watched the presidential debate last night the staff casually asked to speak with my friend, Vey, (their employer) and busted a couple over her head in the hallway. I heard a commotion and laughing but, I was intently watching the State of the Union. This gave Vey plenty of time to enter the room and break an egg over my head! Mega, the puppy was having a blast eating the egg shells. We had to put her away to keep her from getting sick on all the paper inside.


I tried to engage Lola in the festivities, but as you can tell, she is not impressed.

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